nano Camera
nano camera and the motorized mirror

nano with Super Eight Lightnano camera closeup  
nano camera with motorized mirror and Super Eight Light        Close-up of  nano camera with mirror  

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The GeoVISION nano is the world's smallest diameter borehole camera. The 3/4 inch diameter, 10 inch long nano will operate into boreholes, wells, and pipes as small as 1 inch. In most cases it can be lowered past a pump. It can be used with either the GeoVISION Deluxe or Econo systems and is interchangeable with other GeoVISION cameras. Lighting is provided by six built in extra bright white LEDs, using a superior indirect lighting technique that improves visibility, texture and depth perception. The camera operates in 1 inch to 10 inch diameter bores with the built-in lights only and up to 24 bores the optional lighting accessories. The video camera module has a resolution of 550 horizontal lines, and .2 Lux, color, CCD (1/3" Format), solid state.

The lens is, wide angle (100), f 2 fixed-iris, with electronic shutter and associated circuitry mounted inside the camera housing which is .75" O.D. X 10" long stainless steel water proof (includes cable clamp). It is NTSC video format.

Its stainless steel housing with a sapphire lens cover provides an underwater depth rating of 2000 feet. All nano camera housings are pressure tested to 1,000 lbs per square inch, equal to 2,100 feet under water. The O-Ring housing seals are lubricated with silicone grease. The sapphire window is sealed with silicone rubber adhesive. It weighs 0.8 pounds. Total power required is 230 ma @ 12 Volts DC.