GeoVISION Dual-Scan micro Borehole Camera
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Dual-Scan micro GeoVISION Borehole Camera
Small Is Good
The Dual-Scan micro GeoVISION Borehole Camera is the smallest diameter borehole camera available with two cameras for viewing both downward and to the side.
The 1 1/8 inch diameter size allows it to fit into small boreholes, past obstructions and pumps, and view places where only a GeoVISION borehole camera can fit.
Dual Viewing
One may change between down and side viewing with a switch on the control panel.
Down Viewing
The down viewing camera has a high, 550 line resolution camera to order to provide sharp, detailed videos. The sapphire lens cover protects camera from breakage and scratching.  The lens is 2.45 mm.
Side Viewing
The side viewing camera has a high, 550 line resolution camera in order to provide sharp, detailed videos. A mirror is recessed in the body of the camera above the down view camera housing. This allows the side viewing camera to be placed vertically in the housing.  This is the secret to achieving the small 1 1/8 inch diameter size. The lens is 2.9 mm.
Side View Picture in a Picture
The side view camera has a picture in a picture.  The bottom and side of the image view past the mirror and show the borehole walls ahead of the side view in the mirror as the camera is lowered. While most of the side view camera image is a view 90 degrees to the side. The bottom and side image provide perspective and location of the side image.
Side Scan
The motorized housing allows a 400 degree pan left and right, more than a full circle.
Close-up Side Viewing
The side view has excellent focus as close as ½ inch from the camera and a usable focus of only ¼ inch.  Since part of the focal length is taken by the distance between the lens and the mirror, incredibly close focus ability is achieved.
Lighting with 21 High-brightness LEDs
The Dual-Scan micro camera has three sets of lights that can be turned on and off independently from switches on the control panel.
The upper recessed ring light has nine brightness LEDs that provide light for the side viewing camera as well as indirect light for both cameras.
The middle three LEDs provide direct light for the side viewing camera.
The lower recessed ring light has nine brightness LEDs that provide light for the down viewing camera as well as indirect light for both cameras.
The combination of three switchable sets of lights provides the best overall lighting of any borehole camera. This lighting system is especially effective in producing high quality videos that show shadow and texture. This Dual-Scan micro lighting is better than other systems in poor quality water due to the use of LEDs that are placed a few inches away from the lens, providing indirect lighting and giving the user the flexibility to select different combinations of light sources.
Depth Rating
The Dual-Scan micro camera may be operated safely at underwater depths up to 2000 feet (600 meters).
Cables for the GeoVISION Deluxe winch are available in 100, 200, 300, 500 and 600 meter lengths to allow the customers to match their requirements. The specially designed Dog Bone cable is designed to facilitate cleaning, especially when used in gas and oil wells.
Motorized Winch
The motorized winch, tripod, and control panel provide a platform that can be adapted for use in almost any water well or borehole situation when equipped with the appropriate camera and options. The variable speed motor allows the operation to set the winch speed at any reasonable speed to lower and raise the camera by adjusting a single dial.  The winch speed dial and other controls allow one person to easily operate the GeoVISION Deluxe system.
On Screen Depth Display
The On-screen Camera Depth Display (OSD) is a standard component of all GeoVISION™ Deluxe systems. The OSD will place the camera’s depth in feet or meters in any one of five locations on the video screen and it will appear on the recorded video. The display shows either feet or meters within one decimal point.
The OSD has four control buttons or switches that are incorporated in the control panel. From the left they are:
1.    Feet and meters toggle button.
2.    Count up - Holding the button for longer than a second and the count-up will go faster
3.    Count down - Holding the button for longer than a second and the count-down will go faster
4.    Position on screen - The numeric display can be located in the center of the screen, in any one of the four corners, or not shown by pushing this button to cycle through these five alternative locations.
Pushing and holding buttons two and three at the same time for longer than two seconds will reset the counter to zero.
The OSD is supplied with the depth counter encoder/wheel/clamp assembly. GeoVISION™ OSD is guaranteed accurate within one percent at any depth. Under most conditions it will be much more accurate.
Control Panel
The Deluxe Control Panel has twenty control functions and 7 seven inputs and out puts.

Interchangeable with other GeoVISION Cameras
The Deluxe system allows one to interchange GeoVISION cameras. For example the nano camera can replace the Dual-Scan micro if one needed to fit in a very small borehole, 7/8 inch for example. The nano is only ¾ inch in diameter.
The GeoVISION™ system is built better so it can be guaranteed to work longer. The GeoVISION™ Deluxe system has a two year limited warranty when it is purchased with any GeoVISION™ stainless steel (Standard, nano, Dual-Scan, or Old micro) camera. The two year warranty includes the base system parts, stainless steel cameras, and motorized pan and tilt.  The usual one year warranty applies to the Jr cameras and second party items such as the monitors, and recording devices. Two year warranty applies to all appropriate systems sold after 20 March 2008.